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      Addington Carpet Cleaner has the best reviews for a cleaning company in my local area, so thought I'd give them a go and they definitely live up to the hype so far. Cheap, reliable, and efficient.
Peter Colls19/05/2020
     The cleaning crew with Cleaners Addington was amazing. No marks on the walls at either place, and worked very fast.
Ashleigh V.19/09/2019
     I needed my oven cleaned so I decided to get a professional and cost-effective oven cleaning service from Addington Cleaning Company. The team arrived promptly and got to work. They had everything they needed in order to make my oven perfectly clean. I couldn't be happier with the final results!
H. Murray07/12/2016
     Last month, with so much going on in my life, I decided to invest in professional cleaning help. When I did some research, I found it a real struggle finding a decent company. Many of the cleaning companies seemed unprofessional, overly expensive and generally unpleasant. Then I found Addington Carpet Cleaning. As soon as I called them I knew they were right for me. Their office staff was so helpful and professional. And I was right; they are the best company in the area. I would most definitely book them again.
Chris Clarkson21/04/2016
     I have 2 dogs and only a professional cleaner was able to address the mess that they often leave everywhere. Thank you to Addington Carpet Cleaning for restoring my carpet back to normal in no time.
David H.01/12/2015
     AddingtonCarpetCleaners is great!!! You should definitely hire them if you need a truly professional cleaner! For me, they have been more than I would have expected! My house looks as if torn out of magazines now and I am more than grateful for the wonderful service my cleaner provided me with!
Clara 17/03/2015
     My wife and I would always argue over the house cleaning, but since we both have busy schedules it was hard to find a solution to the problem. I came across AddingtonCarpetCleaners online and thought they might be able to help, and I was definitely right! We've hired their regular service for a few months now, and we're just as happy now as we were when we first signed up. Excellent customer service, affordable prices, friendly staff...there are so many great things here, I can't recommend this company enough!
Max Kelly29/01/2015
     I have many valuable goods in my home and so I was shocked to see that a prized rug had a stain on it. Not wanting to attempt removing it myself in fear of making it worse, I called AddingtonCarpetCleaners for support. They assured me they could make care of it and so I hired one of their cleaners. She came to my address and within an hour was done. The stain was gone. I'm pleasantly surprised and will use their services gain if I stains removed cone more.
Harold Thornton18/12/2014
     My entire house was covered in thick layer of dust after I was done with the renovation works. When I called AddingtonCarpetCleaners, they gave me a work estimate for two days of cleaning. Although I was a bit apprehensive about the cleaning taking so long, I was very impressed by the time they were done. They had vacuumed every inch of the house, cleaned my children's toys, thoroughly wiped down all the fixtures and left behind a sparkling clean home. I am so happy with the work they did, it was totally worth the money I paid.
Caroline Y.04/12/2014
     My home doubles up as my office and meeting space, and I often host a lot of events here. It's important to make a positive impression on people and I have spent a lot of time making sure that my house looks perfect and well decorated. With all the effort that has gone in to achieving this standard, there is only one cleaning agency I can trust and that is AddingtonCarpetCleaners. All the good things and positive reviews I had heard about their cleaning services are spot-on and since then I've taken to adding to them. Give this company a whirl if you don't have the time to clean yourself!
Stephanie R.19/09/2014
     My son has just gone on study leave which means coming home to a very untidy house every evening. For some reason, being in the house alone for 8 hours a day makes him feel like he needs to leave everything in a state for when everyone else gets home. I called AddingtonCarpetCleaners to try and get the house in order before the family all got home. After I got home I was amazed to see that the house was in even better condition that when I left that morning. The cleaner did so much better than what I expected and I can't wait until she's back again!
     I live in student accommodation with my friends and I must admit that none of us like to clean really, I know that's awful to admit but it's true, anyway as you can imagine the place gets fairly grubby in time so we decided to hire a cleaning company to test them out. We chose AddingtonCarpetCleaners because they were the cheapest. They have worked wonders in our home and we will now hire them on a monthly basis to give the place a spring clean. We all contribute to the cost so it's affordably great and it means we do not have to argue over who should do what to keep the place tidy anymore, which is perfect!
     I've been getting a little too old to do the house work to a very good standard so I called AddingtonCarpetCleaners and now I have a regular cleaner who turns up on time every week without fail and does a great job in my home. I really cannot fault the service or the price and I have recommended them to all of my friends and family because it is so nice to simply relax in your own home and enjoy the things in life that are there to be enjoyed. If you're looking for complication-free cleaning then you can't go wrong here.
Doug Walters08/04/2014
     My 30th birthday party was the best time ever, but it came at a price. A full bottle of red wine was spilt on my brand new, fluffy cream carpet and it pretty much ruined my partying mood. I tried everything I could to get the stain out but it just didn't work. The fact that I had a fluffy carpet didn't help either. I heard many great things about AddingtonCarpetCleaners and thought I would give them a try. Boy am I glad that I called them. They got those stains out right away and my carpet looks and feels as good as new.
Ross Moseby27/03/2014
     It is not often that one feels compelled to publicly commend the services of a company, but in this instance I feel it is entirely justified. AddingtonCarpetCleaners have kept my estate clean for around a year now, having been entirely dissatisfied with our previous contractors. Over the last year we have found the staff to be gracious and highly skilled, working discreetly and efficiently while the results they continue to produce throughout the house are simply superb. Having tried a number of firms over the years it is nice to have finally settled on an organisation that understands what is expected of them.
Hugh Cassell30/01/2014

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